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Rebecca Bevan

Rebecca Bevan

Rebecca Bevan is living proof that a passion for real estate can be inherited. As the daughter of Licensed Estate Agent, Chris Bevan, Rebecca's world has always revolved around property - with dinner table discussions of the market, the movements and the properties firing her passion for property from an early age.

But that's not Rebecca's only interest. Living all her life in the heart of Brighton and completing nearly all of her schooling at Firbank, Rebecca is equally passionate about her suburb and its surrounds. Strongly networked with an even stronger local knowledge, Rebecca is part of the fabric of the area - implicitly understanding the relationships, the lifestyle and the homes that draw generations of families to build their lives here.

It's these combined passions that have brought Rebecca to work in Real Estate. Completing a Bachelor of Education, Rebecca's focus on the smallest details has been enhanced - building on already high- level organisational skills with a natural ability to build relationships. It's no surprise then, that Rebecca is building her future in property industry. This Brighton-bred, real-estate focused professional has the perfect mix - working in the industry she loves in the area she knows so well. 

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Rebecca Bevan


Rear 168-170 Bay Street